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Site Inspection Services Building Condition Survey has become extremely popular and is now the survey most frequently requested and referred by many of our clients ranging from Home-buyers, to property trust organisations, tenants and housing associations providing accurate and cost effective survey reports for all involved in property purchase, care and upkeep.

Providing a reliable account of the properties pre-sale condition.

Initially and as an immediate point of contact between us, kindly email / click on and provide the property's full postal address and the current occupation status i.e. 'occupied or vacant'.
Also please, provide us with the full details of your estate agent on receipt of which, we will get back to you with an all-inclusive price which if acceptable, an appointment agreement will be emailed to you for completion / signature please (for our admin and insurance purposes) on receipt of which, we will arrange the survey.

The Building Condition Survey undertaken will focus on matters that in our opinion, might affect both the value or the integrity of the property if they are not dealt with and once written up -

A ‘draft’ PDF report copy will be emailed to you to read through whilst our office processes the 'hard-copies' in order for you to collate a list of any questions that you might have relating to the report content or any concerns that you might have.

Our office will then process two bound ‘hard’ copies and a DVD on which will be a further PDF report copy, all of the full size inspection photographs for viewing on your PC along with any other supplementary information obtained on your behalf.

The completed survey pack will be posted to your home address.

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