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  Building Surveys / Structural Surveys / Defects analysis / Building Consultants.

Operating throughout Surrey undertaking:

° Fully detailed property condition surveys - tailored specifically for the homebuyer.

Home buying decisions, particularly when considering today's pressures often tend to be made with the heart and not the head and as such, it is extremely important that buyers seek the services of a practical 'hands-on' construction experienced and qualified 'Building surveyor', to fully investigate the 'condition' of the property that they are interested in purchasing, inside and out.
This particular survey type will assist you greatly to make an informed decision on whether to proceed or not and will assist in reaching a realistic sale agreement / offer.

Following our many years spent managing all areas of construction, Site Inspection Services now focus their efforts solely on undertaking cost effective, reliable and accurate Building Condition Surveys tailored specifically for the homebuyer and for all of those involved in property care, maintenance and general upkeep.
Our Building Condition Surveys have proved to be hugely successful in assisting our many clients over the years by clearly outlining the properties 'condition' inside and out and has now become our own bespoke survey type most requested and referred. Being the "Home-buyer survey - most fit for purpose".

Our survey reports include fully categorised condition ratings statements, outlining any defective elements discovered which in our opinion, could affect the value or the integrity of the property if not dealt with and on your receipt of same, we will be more than happy to go through the report with you as many times as required at no extra cost, until you are happy to either proceed, to negotiate or perhaps, to continue your property search elsewhere?

It is generally accepted that you will need an estate agent to help you to find the right property, to negotiate the sale and to assist you in navigating your way through the systems.
The home buyer should therefore be fully aware that the valuation survey is concerned only with the mortgage lender’s loan.

° Full and all-inclusive Building (Structural) Surveys for those more 'mature' properties.

And once the survey has been carried out for you, Don't Panic if it all seems like bad news! Our Building Condition Surveys have been specifically designed to bring to both yours and the vendors attention, a concise but fair assessment of the properties overall condition, noting each and every defect or departure that may be discovered along with providing you with provisional repair-cost sums.

Commissioning your own ‘independent’ Building Survey is hugely important in order for you and your legal team to be made fully aware of any problems or shortfalls that might exist within or around the property prior to considering the purchase.

We also undertake:

° Defects investigation / analysis for all involved in property care, maintenance and upkeep.

° Our own Propchex34 © 'New-Build' snagging, de-snagging and end of defects inspections.

° Stock condition surveys and planned maintenance scheduling for Trust Organisations.

° Pre-purchase 'Snagging' inspections for those purchasing property from developers.

° Property 'Condition' Reports for Lettings Management organisations and for Landlords.

° General defects analysis for all property owners, HA's, trust organisations and LA's.

The RICS and other "informed" property experts quite rightly advise the home buyer that "neglecting to appoint a survey prior to purchase could and in many cases has, created a wholly unnecessary home-buying time bomb.

Leaving some new owners stuck with a property which they cannot afford to put right and one that could prove very difficult to 'sell-on' until any defects or departures discovered have been rectified."

Never rely on the valuation alone this will tell you nothing whatsoever about the condition of the property and get the property checked over by a 'hands-on' Building surveyor, to ensure that you are fully aware of the properties condition.

"When I last moved house I appointed my Mortgage Company to carry out a home-buyers report for me.
This was very expensive and in my view, I was left with a largely pointless document that didn't really provide me with much more information than I already knew.
the Building Inspection Report that Site Inspection Services has provided this time around was exceptional value for money, and extremely thorough and comprehensive” - See our reviews page.

When looking closely at today's average property transaction costs you will find that as a buyer, you really don’t have anyone acting directly on your behalf, apart from your solicitor - we are readily available to offer you reliable and accurate survey assistance.

A very important note:

The practicality and constraints experienced when being a visitor to occupied properties has to be taken into full consideration.

Furniture, floor coverings, cupboards and their contents are not opened, moved or lifted; and no part of the building’s fabric is forced or laid open to make elements installed behind accessible.

In the event of the property being vacant, adequate and full written approval must be obtained from the vendor/s, prior to us 'opening up' lifting or otherwise disturbing any 'fitted' elements or fitted floor coverings.

° Sample survey reports are readily available on request.

" What impressed us the most and despite our now realised overzealous opinion of the property and our plans to have it whatever the outcome of Ian’s inspection.

Ian Gibb was not phased at all by our imaginings that all was perfect and he uncovered a list of (now obvious) items that needed attention.

But more importantly, he also advised us of a potentially very dodgy problem that could have cost us dearly if we had proceeded and we have since decided not to purchase but we will certainly be asking Ian to look over our next discovery."

" Many thanks for the building survey pack which I received this morning.

I was impressed in the speed of delivery and I am grateful for the information you have provided.

Very useful, complete and accurate."

"I wanted to use a local surveyor in the area I was purchasing and I was particularly impressed with Ian Gibb.
Having explained to Ian what I wanted he suggested that he pop round to inspect the site prior to survey.
I was very impressed and upon receipt of my survey report from Ian it definitely exceeded my expectations in both content and clarity.

Ian was very thorough in all areas and produced photographs of all the relevant points he checked during the survey. I would highly recommend Ian to anyone requiring a survey as his work was exceptional."

   See our Reviews page

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